Rural Services

The Niagara Region is a diverse geographical area that has many smaller outlying communities with limited programming, services and transportation systems when compared to the larger centers within the region. For this reason, BICR has dedicated resources to provide services along the rural shore of Lake Erie from Fort Erie to Wainfleet. These services include:

Group programming in partnership with the Head Injury Association of Fort Erie, is provided two days per week (Mondays and Tuesdays). Group activities include cooking, guest speakers from the community, pet therapy, physical activity at the YMCA, social outings and group learning opportunities.

Individual assistance with planning and learning strategies to increase independence is also provided on a 1:1 basis. This support may include daily activities e.g. budgeting, groceries, meal planning, cooking, and household chores. Advocacy and support in accessing holistic services within the community is also a component of this program to ensure that participants receive adequate access to housing, income sources, and medical care.