Eligibility, Referrals and Intake

Anyone can contact our office to complete a referral - yourself or someone on your behalf. A doctor’s referral is not required although BICR may need information from your doctor. This will be further discussed by the Intake Coordinator and we will ask to review the medical records from your doctor.

Contact our Intake Coordinator to:


Our services are funded by the Ministry of Health Long Term Care Division, unless you have available funds from a third party (e.g. auto insurance, WSIB). If funds are available from a third party, we will contact them regarding your needs.


Access to our services is based on a diagnosis of an acquired brain injury. An acquired brain injury is defined as damage to the brain that occurs after birth. The brain damage may be due to trauma to the brain as a result of a motor vehicle accident or a fall, an assault, a sports injury, etc. It may also be caused by other conditions such as tumour, anoxia, an infection (e.g. encephalitis, meningitis) or a stroke.

Other criteria that is considered in order to qualify for services includes individuals who are 18 years of age or older (consideration is given to individuals between 16 to 18 years of age). Priority is given to individuals living within the Niagara region and any specialized nursing needs must be primarily addressed by other professional agencies.


The Intake Coordinator will send you written material concerning our programs and services and will work with you to determine whether BICR’s services are suitable to meet your needs.

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Possible Waitlist

There are times when, due to large number of applications, a waiting list exists. It is important to contact BICR early in an individual's rehabilitation to initiate the application process.

When there is a waiting period for services, the Intake Coordinator will refer the individual to Case Coordination Services.